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Our Yogi in the Community this week is an educator, dancer, and world traveler. Malika Omawale’s story illustrates the diversity that exists within and the beauty that is illuminated by the practice of yoga. Whether she is teaching yoga to her 2nd graders, or practicing by the ocean in a different country, Malika is the perfect example for how yoga truly cultivates the brilliance within.


How long have you been practicing yoga?

I started practicing yoga 7 years ago, at the beginning of my career as a school teacher. At the time I was living in San Francisco, finishing my Masters while dealing with the heavy demands of being a first year teacher. I began to take yoga classes as a means of stress reduction and as a compliment to vipassana meditation, a technique I had also recently learned.

I fell in love instantly with the deep feeling of peace that came as a result of the practice. The high that I felt after yoga classes supported me in leaving behind pharmaceuticals that I had relied on up to that point for anxiety and depression. Yoga ignited a passion for holistic healing and healthy living. It became a part of my life from that point on....

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