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Noelia González Cámara 

-Niroga Staff and Student

"Malika is an innovative yoga teacher. The way she combines salsa, samba, African dancing and yoga in her classes and does it really well. I don't know anyone else doing yoga and dancing in the same class.


Even if I was extremely stressed or tired before starting her class, I always leave her classes feeling reenergized, happy and renewed."

Victoria Angelle

-Niroga Student

"[Malika is] Vibrant. Welcoming. Sweet. Light. Joyful. Approachable" 

Sasi AKA Ian Mair

-Yoga Instuctor


"Malika is a dedicated student and practitioner of yoga. She brings focus and a wholehearted sweetness to whatever she does.


I have had the benefit of witnessing her blossoming and development as a wonderful woman, teacher and yogini over the past 6 years."

Marcus Lorenzo Penn, M.D., C.Y.T.

-Founder and CEO, Self Care Reform


"Malika gives her yoga instruction with compassion for her students. Incorporating her dancing background, she also has her students move naturally and fluidly from pose to pose.


Her happy, welcoming spirit is a sure draw for her classes. It was a joy to to co-facilitate a yoga wellness workshop with her in 2012 and complement our instruction styles. I wholeheartedly recommend people to receive the healing that Malika provides through all of her offerings." 

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