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OMawale Wellness Rhythms 



Omawale Wellness Rhythms offers tools that allow people to inhabit the body, soothe the heart and soften the mind through yoga, dance and mindful living.


​Our world is spinning faster than ever, and the taxing reality of our modern lifestyles present challenges on our collective health. This includes the physical, emotional and spiritual. 


The aim is to guide you back to your natural state-balance. Through invigorating and grounding classes, we help you cultivate a vibrant body, calm mind and loving heart. 


Through the use of the breath, music, movement and observation, each class offers an authentic celebration of wellness across oceans, generations and cultures.  


We teach classes, workshops, and retreats to all levels of students, children through seniors, in both English and Spanish.


Cultivate your serenity and joy by engaging in the millennia old healing traditions of yoga, dance and mindful living.





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