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Mindful Vinyasa Yoga


Tap into the magic of yoga as we lubricate the joints and enliven our spirits through pranayama, asana and cleansing kriyas.  This class can range from more gentle to an invigorating vinyasa sequence with an emphasis on alignment.  The tools of yoga can give us direct access to feeling whole and grounded.  Join us as we cultivate our amazing capacity to align with our natural rhythms as we flow with concentration, meditation, and compassionate self-care.  

World Dance and Yoga


Step into a joyous expressive flow of dance from different cultures. This class will be a fun and healing combination of easy, yet intricate movements. Afro Caribbean, salsa, samba, jazz, hip-hop and modern are among the types of dance in this fusion class. Some degree of experience is recommended. Class will include a grounding meditation, conditioning warm up and body isolations. We bring the journey home with a practice of Mindful Vinyasa Yoga. Alignment will be emphasized throughout the class. Students are encouraged to access the poses honoring their level of experience and energy in the moment. This integrated practice works to build strength, flexibility and vibrancy in the body, mind the heart.

Yoga Flow


This is an energizing and balancing class that works with breathing and posture techniques.  It begins with a warm up and emphasizes alignment throughout the class.  All students access each pose at their own level of experience and energy on that particular day.  The class may include hip openers, inversions, back bends, arm balances, abdominal/core exercises and spinal twists.  These all work to enliven, strengthen and detoxify the various systems of the body.  Students are encouraged to practice with an open mind and heart. The body will follow this invitation of opening through the duration of the practice.

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